Nicknamed “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” Destin Florida is your choice for fishing in Florida. It has the largest charter fishing fleet in the country so if you are hoping to catch big game fish hopping aboard one of these Destin fishing charters is the way to go. Also, there are over 20 different species of the most sought after and delicious fish in the waters just waiting for your hook. This makes Destin a prime charter fishing destination for you and anglers worldwide.

Inshore fishing is hot! Your captain of your Destin fishing charter will navigate the backwaters and flats of the Bay where large Redfish, Speckled and White Trout, Flounder, Sheepshead, Sharks and more call home and are ready for a battle with you. During the summer months, you can find yourself hooking up with a “Silver King” as you marvel at the dancing and acrobatic leaps that Tarpon are famous for. You are sure to have a great day inshore with your Destin fishing charter.

There is also fantastic nearshore and offshore fishing! Your Destin fishing charter will take you out to the sizeable artificial reef system that attracts so many fish. During a nearshore trip, you are close to shore and can see land as you land big bottom fish like Snapper and Grouper. Nearshore and offshore, your Destin fishing charter will do some trolling. They will target Mackerel, Cobia, Amberjack, Mahi Mahi, and the big bottom fish like a variety of Snapper and Grouper are in these deeper waters too.

One of the lucky things about Destin is the deepest depths are only just offshore, so you will be able to spend more time on the water fishing instead of driving miles and miles to the fishing spots. If you are ready for a real fight with one of the great sportfish, then the deep water sportfishing aboard a Destin fishing charter is excellent for your finding White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), Sailfish, Wahoo Mako and other Sharks.
And again, these 600’+ deep waters are not far from the docks, so you will have much more excitement on the water battling these monsters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charter Fishing in Destin, FL?

Destin has many of the charters charging hourly rates

Bay Boats:
  • avg. $135 hr
  • 4 hr – $540 for 4 anglers
  • 6 hr – $810 for 4 anglers
  • 8 hr – $1080 for 4 anglers
  • 10 hr – $1350 for 4 anglers
Guf Boats:
  • avg. $202.50
  • 4 hr – $810 for 4 anglers
  • 6 hr – $1215 for 4 anglers
  • 8 hr – $1620 for 4 anglers
  • 10 hr – $2025 for 4 anglers

Fishing Destinations Near Destin, FL.

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